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NetRate is an online grocery and retail FMCG Store specially made for the moms and pops of the country. Yes! We are here to make your business easy for you. The retailers and wholesalers can now order goods from NetRate very easily at very reasonable prices and no transport costs. Your goods will be delivered to you in just one single day. NetRate provides an efficient way for retailers to buy goods online without spending the whole day in the market. This efficient way of online marketing from net rate not only saves their time but also lessens their loss of sales. NetRate gives them easy access to goods without any boundary of minimum order and also bears the transport cost of delivery. Net rate knows your struggle and that's why we are here to make you struggle less and earn more in your business. NetRate is here to break the walls and make bridges for the retailers and wholesalers of the moms and pops of the city. High-quality goods with the best of rates and free shipping 24/7, easy return policy, and fastest delivery, NetRate is all ready to enhance the business of grocery and FMCGs. Now you won't have to say no to any of your customers because of a shortage of goods, just stay at your shop, order online goods, and keep running your business without applying any breaks to it.

Ab NetRate pahonchega har gali aur mohalle mein !


NetRate and team have deeply studied the problems of the retailers and wholesalers who own not-so-big store-like shops in the country and from our intense research and study we got to know that the owners of the moms and pops have to go through a really tough time running their businesses. The retailers have to face a considerable amount of financial loss and the loss of time as well in achieving or procuring the goods for their shops and this is the only reason why the NetRate is here to benefit these retailers. NetRate provides an easy and efficient online platform for retailers and wholesalers to order quality goods online at the best of rates, with no hustle-bustle, and the fastest no-charge delivery. We are a B2B platform that procures goods directly from the brands and provides easy delivery to our customers through efficient logistics to their doorsteps. NetRate values your time, your money, and your effort. We have made it easy for the retailers to book their goods online while sitting at their shops running their businesses, at better prices, with better quality and easy return policy. we have broken barriers of minimum bulk order for the retailers of FMCG and directly giving them access to multiple brands and ongoing offers on various products. The customers can easily choose and order products as per their need in as much quantity as they want and we NetRate will ensure safe and free delivery to our customers within 24 hours. It is easy to get and easy to sell! NetRate will ensure that your hard-earned money will no more be earned in a hard but smooth and efficient way.


As NetRate, our mission is to become India's largest online retail store for food grocery, and FMCG in order to onboard maximum Kirana owners all over the country making their business and lives as easy as possible. NetRate is a parent company of Novena Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. We recognize the problems of Kirana owners and want to enhance their businesses without investing much of their effort and energy and adding technology to their businesses. Also, NetRate intends to make a clear way for new domestic Indian brands to reach out to the retailers and vice versa through our platform. We want to be the bridge between the companies and brands of food and FMCG and the retailers. We also want retailers to take out maximum profit from their business and also to get easy access to the ongoing offers and discounts on various brands and products. In simple words, NetRate intends to remove hurdles from the ways of the owners of Kirana shops in the country providing them easy access and efficient services off online shopping, deliveries and return policies. We wish to remove barriers of order values and even finance by providing them goods in their desired quantities and multiple ways to transfer money. In the future, we are also planning to give credit services to our customers so that they can easily get a loan from the banks and improve on their business and earnings. We are also working towards providing marketing collateral to the moms and pops working with us with no extra charge. from Capital Management to inventory management, everything which retailers find difficult to do will be done by NetRate. Kirana shops are usually the secondary or tertiary choice of a retailer to pursue, NetRate wants to provide them an excellent experience of their businesses so as to make them fall in love with their moms and pops. Everyone wants to make a profit out of their work but NetRate is here to make a change!

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